Lamoille County, Including: Jeffersonville

  • Area: 40,626 Acres = 63.48 Square Miles [ Size Rank: 6* ]

  • Chartered: August 30, 1781 (Vermont Charter)

  • Coordinates (Geographic Center): N 44° 38′ W 72°58′

  • Altitude: 454 feet ASL

  • Population (US Census, 2000): 3,186 [ Population Rank: 53* ]

  • Population Density (persons per square mile): 50.2[ Density Rank: 88* ]

  • Government: Select Board & Town Meeting

  • Public Schools: Franklin West Supervisory Union, Lamoille North Supervisory Union & Cambridge Elementary School

*Area, Population and Density rankings refer to Cambridge’s relative position among Vermont’s 255 civic entities (9 cities, 242 towns, 4 gores and grants]

ABOUT CAMBRIDGE, VERMONT -“ Estimated 2010 Population is – 3,500:

Cambridge is located in the western section of Lamoille County covering 63.6 square miles. The town abuts Johnson, to the East, Waterville to the North, and Stowe and Morristown to the South. The town is bordered to the west by the Chittenden County towns of Westford and Underhill and by the Franklin County towns of Fletcher and Fairfax. It is located 27+/- miles from Burlington and 48 miles from Montpeiler.

The four significant state highways that bisect the town are Rt. 15 from east to west, Rt. 108 from north to south (seasonally closed through Smugglers’ Notch to Stowe during the winter), Rt. 104 heading west out of the Village of Cambridge toward Fairfax, and Rt. 109 from Jeffersonville toward Waterville to the north. The town contains two incorporated villages, Jeffersonville in the east and the Cambridge Village in the west. There are approximately 107 miles of road in the Town.

Material excerpted or adapted from Esther Munroe Swift’s ~ Vermont Place-Names: Footprints of History


Granted on Nov. 13, 1780, Cambridge was chartered on Aug 13, 1781 to Samuel Robinson, John Fassett, Jr., Jonathon Frost and 64 others.  It was first settled in 1783 by Jon Safford from Piermont, New Hampshire.  The intervales proved good but rough, best for livestock.  By 1839, the town had about 7,000 sheep.  The Lamoille River offered waterpower for water mills.  Industries included on woolen factory, on tannery, one gristmill, and several sawmills and cabinet shops.  Listed among the grantees are several considered to be the founding fathers of Vermont, including Samuel Robinson, Jonas Fay and Tom Chittenden. The strong feelings Vermonters had for the Revolution and the fact that many of the grantees originated in Massachusetts suggests that the town’s name was chosen to commemorate the site of an early encounter between American and British troops.

CAMBRIDGE is a community divided into many sections, each with a varied lifestyle and many different occupations and businesses.  At one point it had as many as seven stores, three railroad stations and eighteen school districts with common schools in each one and six Post Office sites!  It had a creamery and thrived on a number of lumber mills situated on the various streams and rivers in the town.

CAMBRIDGE CENTER, (Jeffersonville), located near the center of town, had excellent railroad communications, being located near the junction of the St. J. & L. C., and the B.& L. railroads.  The village had one church (Union), two  first class stores and several shops of different varieties.  Situated  in the midst of a fine grazing  country, the village became quite a market center, and shipped a large quantity of butter each season.  Today it is still a village of many different businesses including restaurants, art galleries, shops and churches.  Jeffersonville is known as the Northern Gateway to Smuggler’™s Notch Ski Area.  Route 108 through the notch (the geographic feature) is closed in the winter months because of snow and ice conditions.  Originally, Jeffersonville was known as Cambridge Center, town records show that the 1827 town meeting voted to change the name in honor of Thomas Jefferson, a man much admired in most areas of the state.

PLEASANT VALLEY is a hamlet located in the southern part of the town, about four miles from either of the business center. NORTH CAMBRIDGE is a hamlet located in the northwestern part of town. EAST CAMBRIDGEis in the extreme eastern part of town. CAMBRIDGE BOROUGH, the oldest village in the town was located in the western part, on the Lamoille River.  It still  contains two churches,(Methodist, Episcopal and Congregational), the Cambridge Post Office, one store several places to , the oldest village in the town was located in the western part, on the Lamoille River.  It still  contains two churches,(Methodist, Episcopal and Congregational), the Cambridge Post Office, one store several places to dine and a Winery (a former Farm) which hosts many events, and also include a working Sugar House.  The American House was a well appointed hotel, located at the corner of Mail and South Streets, it was built by Peleg Stearns, in 1826.  It had a few different owners throughout the years and at present is an apartment building.

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