Committees are central to the work of the Chamber.  Committees provide guidance, insight, leadership to the Executive Director and are essential to the effective operations of the Chamber.  This Chamber is supported by the following Committees:

Membership Committee – This committee meets the fourth Monday of the month in the Chamber Conference Room, Morrisville, Vermont. Membership recruitment and retention are vital to the success of the Chamber. All members of the Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce are invited, and encouraged, to attend and participate in this active committee.

Leadership Lamoille Committee – The Leadership Lamoille Steering Committee meets on an as-needed basis to design the annual Leadership Lamoille Program.  This program is offered every two years.  The next opportunity to enroll in this outstanding program will be the Fall of 2016 with graduation in the spring of 2017. Leadership Lamoille is a dynamic series of education experiences that transforms managers into leaders.  It has graduated 50 students many of whom have remained in the area and have progressed in their careers.

Events Committee – This energized group meets on an as-needed basis to create, organize and implement events sponsored by the Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce, i.e., The  Amazin’ Grazin’ Harvest Celebration (held annually in September), the Annual Golf Wack-a-Doo (held annually in June and supports the Chamber’s high school scholarship program); and the Annual Membership Dinner and Celebration held in February. These major fundraisers support the Chamber’s budget and are an important resource of non-dues income.  All members of the Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce are invited, and encouraged, to participate in this Committee.

Government Affairs Committee –  This Committee is a work-in-progress with the goal to be activated within the next year. This Committee will, among other tasks, be charged with organizing the four Legislative Breakfasts (during session); Legislative Summer Session; and the annual visit of the Vermont State Chamber of Commerce Lobbying Team.  In addition it will have the responsibility of identifying, tracking and reporting to the Board of Directors on legislative matters/issues relative to the Lamoille Region business community.

Finance Committee – This Committee meets on a monthly basis for the purpose of monitoring the budget.  The Treasurer of the organization serves as the Chair.  The Committee reports to the Board of Directors at regularly scheduled Board meetings.  It is also responsible for creating, in partnership with the Executive Director, the organization’s annual budget.

Nominating Committee – This Committee is appointed annually by the Executive Committee and is responsible for preparing a slate of officers and directors for the coming year.  It works in partnership with the Membership Committee in identifying, recruiting, and developing a proposed slate.

Ambassador Committee – This Committee meets on a monthly basis, and is part of the Membership Committee.  Its responsibility is to contact members on a monthly basis and determine the individual member’s satisfaction with the Chamber and its programs.  It reports those findings to the Membership Committee and the Executive Director for follow-up.  This Committee is a vital component of the Chamber’s membership recruitment and retention efforts.

Executive Committee – this Committee is  comprised of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Member-at-Large of the organization and  meets on an as needed basis.

Board of Directors – The Board meets the third Thursday of each month at the Lamoille Home Health 7 Hospice conference in Morrisville, Vermont beginning at 8:00 a.m.  All members in good standing (dues paid) are invited to attend.  The Board consists of no less than 5 nor more than 15 members; directors serve a three-year term with an option to serve a second three year term.  After a period of one year absence from the Board, a member may return to serve.

For detailed information on the committees, please contact Deborah M. Carroll, executive director, at or call (802) 888-7607.