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For over 30 years, GMSS has provided community –based supports for those with disabilities in northern Vermont. We stand out from other agencies in our mission statement. We “Empower Neighbors with Disabilities to be at Home in the Community.” We truly believe that. We do not do congregate or segregated settings and firmly believe that everyone has gifts and experiences to share. This is how people should be connected; through shared gifts, passions, and experiences, and not solely on their diagnosis.

Presently we provide support in 7 out of 14 counties in Vermont and we continue to grow based on our proud agency mission. We hold ourselves to a high standard not only providing genuine person-centered supports to those we serve but also hold our employees in very high regard, by providing them with innovative and empathetic benefits.

Two of our more successful programs is offering our staff unlimited vacation and also pay them money to quit smoking. Due to these and other benefits, we have the highest retention rate in Vermont in the non-profit human service category which has significantly reduced our administrative costs. We are also proud to state that our administrative costs always hover between 4% and 5%.

Our Four Programs

Intellectual / Development Disabilities: We pride ourselves in working with people that other state-wide agencies find difficult to support. We succeed by training and supporting our employees in being compassionate and responsive enough to ensure the people we support continuously work towards making genuine connections and relationships with their family, friends, and neighbors.

The less we have paid supports and the more we have natural supports in our life, the more fulfilling our lives become. A disability should not hinder that.

Traumatic Brain Injury: We are the only agency in Vermont to provide fully community-based support to Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors. There are a few in the state of Vermont that works with TBI clients, but in a congregate or segregated setting; but we are the only ones that believe community-based supports significantly increases the rehabilitation process.

Elderly Care Support: Here in Vermont, we know that we are only strong as a community when everyone is a part of it. We still institutionalize a portion of our population and it has become normal. That is the elderly.

We are proud to offer the ‘Adult Family Care’ program, where a person who is eligible for nursing home care, but does not need 24-hour nursing, can move into a local home and be a roommate. We train and support the homeowner in providing person-centered care for the person and they still get to be a part of their own neighborhood.

Supported Employment: Having a job is not primarily about the money, it is about being a part of something bigger than oneself; and being a part of a work community; being valued. Our Supported Employment department provides an innovative community-based foundation to our other programs; allowing our clients to be a part of their community at every level of society.

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