Staff & Board


Deborah M. Carroll, Executive Director
Coming Soon!

Jen Kittell, Administrative Assistant:
Jen is a life-long resident of Lamoille County and works full-time for the Chamber as the office manager. She has an extensive background in journalism and digital media management.

Marlene Merriam Tobin:
Marlene is a life-long resident of Lamoille County and works on a part-time basis for the Chamber.   She has a background in banking and hospitality.  Her bookkeeping responsibilities include accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the policy-making arm of the Lamoille Region Chamber.  Its members represent a cross-section of the business and professional leadership in the Region.  It has always been considered an honor to serve on the Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.  Genuine and unselfish interest in the Chamber and its objectives are requirements for Board members.  The Board is committed to the Annual Program of Work and to the financial stability and sustainability of the Chamber.

The Board is composed of at least five, but nor more than 15, members.  The terms of office is three years; however a member may be re-elected to serve two consecutive terms.  Terms end on the date of the annual meeting of the year in which three years of service has been completed.  There is a process, identified in the Bylaws, for elections.  The elected officers and directors assume their responsibilities the month following the Annual Meeting (March) at which time a Board Orientation is conducted.

2017 Executive Board

Mary L. Collins
The Manor
Lamoille Home Health & Hospice

Term Expires: 1/18

Becky Olson, Esq.
Olson & Associates
Term Expires:  01/18

Vice Chairman
Nick Rivers
Term Expires: 1/18

Greg Paus
Silver Ridge Design, Inc. – Architects
Term Expires: 1/18

Karen Blanchard-Smith
Union Bank
Term Expires 01/20

2017 Directors

Catherine Aranda Learned
Vermont Artistry Photography
Term Expires: 1/20

Robert Coates
Power Play Sports
Term Expires: 1/20

Nancy Durand
Pall Spera Co. Realtors
Term Expires: 1/20

Adam Lory
Union Bank
Term Expires: 1/18

Rich Marron
Town & Country Resort
Term Expires: 1/20

John Mandeville
LEDC, Ex officio
Term Expires: 1/18

Ryan Meravi
VT Web Marketing
Term Expires: 1/20

Rich Smith
Hickok & Boardman Insurance
Term Expires: 1/18