Supporting the Lamoille Business Community

Lamoille County’s assets include a strong entrepreneurial spirit, a firm sense of community, and many physical amenities. 70 million people, including those in the major metropolitan areas of Boston, New York, and Montreal, live within a 500-mile radius of the county.



Lamoille Economic Development Corporation

The Lamoille Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) is a private non-for-profit corporation sponsored by Lamoille County businesses and municipalities as well as the State of Vermont.  LEDC helps to strengthen the county’s economy through facilitating the creation and expansion of jobs and businesses and investing for the prosperity of Lamoille County communities.

Their services are available to all businesses in all commercial sectors whether they are existing businesses looking to expand, start-ups or businesses seeking to relocate to Lamoille County.

Please visit LEDC’s website for more information

Workforce Investment Board

The Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is a group of Lamoille employers, educators and public agencies. It has  members from private businesses, schools (secondary and higher education) and public agencies (both within and outside the government).  Its mission is to prepare the 21st century workforce for the challenges it faces.

What skills will our workforce need in the next 10 years? Will they be computer skills, customer service skills, manual labor skills, craftsman and artisan skills, or skills that don’t exist? Five years ago, no one ever heard of an Ipod Application programmer or Web2.0 developer. Five years from now, we will still need employees who have the Vermont work ethic, customer service skills, and Yankee ingenuity. Identifying the needed skills is one problem. Another problem is how will the workforce be trained? Who will train current and future workers? What trainings will they need? Identifying future workforce skill needs and coordinating training is the purpose of the Lamoille Workforce Investment Board (WIB).

How does WIB do that? It  collaborates. Collaboration is the key.  This is another part of its mission, to create a collaborative environment. Creating places where employers, educators, public agencies and anyone else who shares the  mission can meet, discuss, and explore options that will result in a meaningful and productive workforce.  The Lamoille Region Chamber of Commerce is an active partner and assists in planning an Annual Career and Job Fair Event directed at high school students entering the workforce.

You may find two National reports written by David Altstadt of the Vermont firm:  David Altstadt Consulting, LLC: to be of interest. Click on the links below.

Improving Access to Apprenticeship: Strengthening State Policies and Practices:

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Leading Members of the Lamoille Region Workforce Investment Board (WIB) – 2015

DJ Masi, Voc Rehab Vermont and Creative Workforce Solutions

Sherry Lussier, Green Mountain Technical & Career Center

John Mandeville, Lamoille Economic Development Corporation

Billi Dunham, Community College of Vermont

Chris Damato, Green Mountain Technology and Career Center

Beth Walsh, Johnson State College

Dawn Archbold, United Way

Jeff Limoge

Ben Judy

Matt Mitchell